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Say goodbye to all of your roofs imperfections. This is the only roofing service you need to restore and transform your roof into a strong, incredibly reliable, beautiful roof.


Roof Renovation

Our high quality roof renovations don’t just look good. They can add value to your property. From durability to style, our advanced biocide technology is engineered to leave your roof strong, beautiful and problem free. If you are experiencing problems with moss, lichen and dirt on your roof, our roof renovation service is perfect for you. Our roof renovation will completely restore your roof to a ‘good as new’ state, so you can enjoy a hassle free roof with a 10 year guarantee for that extra peace of mind. Below you can read the stages involved when we renovate a roof.

All our products are manufactured to the relevant British Standards and where possible seek approvals from rigorous third party bodies – not every company does this – ensuring that our products meet the very highest of industry standards always. We also take our guarantees seriously, with a full 10 years guarantee.